JN in NJ

This is probably my favorite book that I was assigned to read in college. So excited for the film. It looks great. Though I have no idea how or if they’re going to incorporate what made the book so unique—that it was narrated by Death.

Wow, there are currently 425 people who liked my Across the Pond TV facebook page, which I started just two weeks ago for my nerdy British TV blog. Huzzah.

The Rollin’ Band in a bar in the middle of nowhere Flushing 8-17-13

3hird Medium 8-17-13

Panic at the Disco in Philly 8-3-13

I couldn’t see either.

Rothenberg’s 80th birthday party 8-12-13

Christine Ebersole singing happy birthday

Philly 8-3-13

Walk of the Earth in the Plaza